A beginners’ workshop on viral phylogenetics

July 08 - 09, 2019

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Pathology Training Centre, Glenfield Hospital, Leicester

Clinical ID/Micro/Virology trainees/scientists welcome

Lecturer: Dr Stéphane Hué – London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Course fee: £120 (for 2 days)

(NB: All participants must bring their own laptops – software will be provided)

Content includes:

– Principles of molecular evolution (Lecture)
– Sequence alignments and models of evolution (Lecture + Practical)
– Phylogenetic reconstruction methods (Lecture+ Practical)
– Tree robustness and interpretation (Lecture)
– Dated phylogenies and phylodynamics (Lecture + practical)
– Introduction to molecular epidemiology (Lecture + paper discussion)
– General discussion / supervised work on personal data (on request)

By the end of the workshop , participants should be able to:

– Understand phylogenetic concepts
– Critically assess phylogenies in the literature
– Conduct basic phylogenetic analyses

If interested, please contact:

[email protected]


[email protected]

to book a place