Post-discharge mortality in Ebolavirus disease survivors in Guinea

January 10, 2020

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The authors were interested in the subsequent mortality among people discharged from Ebolavirus treatment units in Guinea. They contacted and followed-up all survivors of Ebolavirus disease who had been discharged from a treatment unit up to 2016. Of the 1270 survivors of Ebolavirus disease who were discharged from treatment units in Guinea, information could be retrieved for 89%. When compared with the general Guinean population, survivors of Ebolavirus disease had a greater than fivefold increase in the risk of mortality (age-standardised mortality ratio 5·2), a mean of 1-year after discharge. Thereafter, mortality did not differ between survivors of Ebolavirus disease and the general population. Overall, 59 deaths were reported, and the cause of death was tentatively attributed to renal failure in 37 cases, mostly on the basis of reported anuria. Longer stays in Ebolavirus treatment units were associated with an increased risk of late death compared with shorter stays (adjusted hazard ratio 2·62, 95%CI 1·43-4·79). Therefore mortality continues to be high in people who have recovered from Ebolavirus disease and were discharged from Ebola treatment units in Guinea.

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Keita M, Diallo B, Mesfin S, Marega A, Nebie KY, et al. ISSN: Lancet Infect Dis; 19(11): 1202-1208


Added: January 10, 2020