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Barts & The London

Location of laboratory
Barts and The London NHS Trust
Jonathan Hubb: [email protected]>
Name and postal address of the laboratory
Diagnostic Virology
Barts Health NHS Trust
3rd Floor
Pathology and Pharmacy Building
80 Newark Street
London E1 2ES
DX address
Telephone number for enquiries & fax number
Opening times: Mon-Fri 8am-6pm
Sat (limited service) 9am-5pm
On Call Biomedical Scientist (B): Mon-Fri 6pm to 8am,
Sat/Sun 5pm to 9am

Results Enquiry Line (A)
T: 0203 246 0364 (14 60364)
E: [email protected] (Barts Health only)

What do we do?

Diagnostic Virology at Barts Health NHS Trust provides a fully accredited service (CPA/ISO) for the timely diagnosis of viral infections and their clinical management. We are the HPA Lead Laboratory for London, providing Public Health testing and services for the capital.

Virology processes approximately 890,000 tests on 350,000 specimens annually and provides an extensive diagnostics service for the whole of the North East London Sector and beyond. Virology provides a full comprehensive range of diagnostic molecular, detection and serological assays in our state of the art Pathology building. Diagnostic results are augmented by clinical advice which is readily accessible both in and out of working hours.

We aim to be responsive to the needs of our users and in partnership with them have recently implemented a programme of development to introduce new methodology and systems. With these we aim to improve the timely diagnosis of newly emerging and established infectious diseases. This is particularly significant in the areas of molecular diagnostics and automated serology.

The Laboratory is approved by the Health Professions Council, the Institute of Biomedical Science, and the Royal College of Pathologists to conduct staff training in accordance with statutory registration of Professional and Regulatory bodies.

The laboratory is also the Lead Public Health Laboratory for London and provides support for national and local outbreaks as well as Public Health advice.




Out of hours' service

On call service outside routine hours

On Call Biomedical Scientist (B)

Mon-Fri 6pm to 8am, Sat/Sun 5pm to 9am

Air Call Pager 07659 810479 (via RLH switchboard 0207 377 7000)

For all clinical queries contact Virology/Microbiology Registrar in first instance

Daytime Duty Virology Consultant

Mon-Fri 09:00 to 17:00 out of hrs contact Virology/Microbiology Registrar

M: 07715 038336

Virology Specialist Registrar in Hours (C)

Virology Registrar (09:00 to 17:00)

M: 07715 038 333

Virology Specialist Registrar Out of Hours (D)

Virology/Microbiology Registrar (Out of Hours)

T: 020 3416 5000 (aircall)


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Location of laboratory
Belfast Regional Virus Laboratory +44 (0)28 9063 2662
[email protected]
Name and postal address of the laboratory
Belfast Regional Virus Laboratory
Kelvin Building
Royal Hospitals Site, Belfast HSC Trust
Grosvenor Road
BT12 6BA
DX address
3864NR Belfast 14
Telephone number for enquiries & fax number
Tel direct dial: +44 (0)28 9063 2662
Tel via hospital switchboard: +44 (0)28 9024 0503 Ext 2662
Fax: +44 (0)28 9063 4803

Opening times: 0900 – 1730 Monday to Friday
Duty Virologist mobile 07889086946
Duty Virologist email [email protected]
Out of hours ask for virology on call through Belfast Trust switchboard 02890240503
What do we do?

The laboratory provides regional molecular and serology services for Northern Ireland.


Web site:

User information:

Out of hours' service

RVL website:

Detailed information


Location of laboratory
Birmingham Heartlands Hospital +44 (0)121 424 2000
Osman Husam (HEART OF ENGLAND NHS FOUNDATION TRUST) ([email protected])
Name and postal address of the laboratory
Birmingham Heartlands Hospital
Bordesley Green East
B9 5SS
Telephone number for enquiries & fax number
Opening times:
• 07.00 to 20.00 hours Monday to Friday
• 08.00- 16.00 hours on Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays

Results and Clinical Advice): 0121 4243111 during normal working hours and through Heartlands Hospital switchboard 0121 4242000 during out of hours

Admin and Staff: 0121 4242240
What do we do?

UKAS accredited laboratory that provides:

  • Expert medical and scientific virological advice, including access to PHE experts locally and nationally as necessary
  • A wide range of diagnostic, specialist and reference tests
  • Essential diagnostic PCRs performed daily including weekends and public holidays
  • Electronic results available via elabs and/or iGateway
  • National standard methods and PHE testing algorithms
  • The laboratory provides support for the investigation, management and control of infection and outbreaks of communicable diseases both during and out of normal working hours including measles
  • One of the largest centres within the UK for antiviral susceptibility testing
  • One of only two centres within the UK for the investigation and monitoring of HBV infected healthcare workers
  • One of only two centres within England for the investigation of MERS cases


Out of hours' service

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Location of laboratory
Brighton Microbiology/Virology and Infection Laboratory, Royal Sussex County Hospital
Dr Mohammed Osman Hassan: [email protected]
Name and postal address of the laboratory
Department of Microbiology/Virology and Infection
Royal Sussex County Hospital, Eastern Road
Brighton BN2 5BE
DX address
Brighton Microbiology Laboratory DX 6370100 BRIGHTON 90 BN
Telephone number for enquiries & fax number
Clinical advice: 01273 696955 ext 3584 or Pager 07623809015
Technical advice: 01273 696955 ext 4627
Administrative office: 01273 664619
Fax: 01273 690175
What do we do?

Blood borne viruses (quantitative):
HIV viral load
HBV viral load
HCV viral load
Respiratory multiplex panel:
Influenza (A & B) RNA
Parainfluenza (1‐4) RNA
Human metapneumovirus RNA
Adenovirus DNA
Rhinovirus RNA
Enterovirus RNA
Parechovirus RNA
Human bocavirus DNA
Coronaviruses (NL63/OC43/229E/HKU) RNA
Mycoplasma pneumoniae nucleic acid
CSF multiplex panel:
Herpes Simplex Virus types 1 & 2
Varicella zoster virus
Enterovirus RNA
Mumps RNA
Gastroenteritis multiplex panel:
Norovirus (G1 & G2) RNA
Rotavirus RNA
Adenovirus RNA
Astrovirus RNA


Fever & rash multiplex panel:
Measles RNA
Enterovirus RNA
Parvovirus B19 DNA
Human herpes virus type 6 DNA
Human herpes virus type 7 DNA


Transplant multiplex panel (quantitative):
Adenovirus DNA
Ophthalmology multiplex panel:
Herpes Simplex Virus types (1 & 2) DNA
Varicella zoster virus DNA
Adenovirus DNA
Chlamydia trachomatis nucleic acid
Chlamydia & GC NAAT:
Chlamydia nucleic acid
Gonorrhoea nucleic acid


Other individual molecular tests:
Mumps RT‐PCR
CMV PCR (quantitative)
EBV PCR (quantitative)
Influenza RT‐PCR
Adenovirus PCR
Parvovirus B19 PCR
Chlamydia PCR

Serology (including antigen & POCT tests):
HIV serology:
HIV Ag/Ab Combo
HIV immunocomb
HAV (IgM & IgG) serology
HBV serology:
HBsAg & neutralisation
Anti‐HBc total & Anti‐HBc IgM
HBeAg & Anti‐HBe
HCV serology:
Hep C antibody
Hep C Ag/Ab
HEV (IgM & IgG) serology [under review]
HTLV serology
Syphilis serology:
HSV‐1 & HSV‐2 (IgG type specific) serology
VZV (IgM & IgG) serology
CMV (IgM, IgG, avidity) serology
EBV serology:
Rubella (IgM & IgG) serology
Measles (IgM & IgG) serology
Mumps (IgM & IgG) serology
Parvovirus B19 (IgM & IgG) serology
ASO titre
Toxoplasma (IgM & IgG) serology
Lyme total antibody serology
H. pylori antibody serology Legionella & pneumococcal urine antigen testing
Cryptococcal antigen testing

Out of hours' service


Detailed information


Location of laboratory
Public Health Laboratory Bristol
[email protected]
Name and postal address of the laboratory
Public Health England
South West Regional Laboratory
National Infection Service
Pathology Sciences Building
Southmead Hospital
Southmead Road
Bristol BS10 5NB
Telephone number for enquiries & fax number
General: +44(0)117 4146222 option 4 then option 1

Opening times: 09:00-17:30

Dr Matthew Donati, Consultant Medical Virologist / Head of Virology
PA: Helen Thresher +44(0)117 4146266

Dr Peter Muir, Consultant Clinical Scientist
Tel: 01173425042

Dr Javeed Ahmed, Consultant Virologist
Tel: 01173425017

Dr Charles Irish, Consultant Virologist
Tel: 01173245042

Dr Barry Vipond, Clinical Scientist & Head of Molecular Diagnostics
Tel: 01173425018

Mr Will Gothard, Head of Operations
Tel: 01173425025

Miss Jane Usher, Deputy Laboratory Manager (Virology)
Tel: 01173425023

Mrs Lis North, Quality Manager
Tel: 01173425023
What do we do?

Public Health and Clinical Virology, molecular diagnostics, infectious disease serology


Out of hours' service

24/7 service via Bristol Royal Infirmary switchboard (01179230000)


Detailed information