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Location of laboratory
University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Dr Eleni Nastouli: [email protected]
Name and postal address of the laboratory
Clinical Microbiology and Virology
UCLH NHS Foundation Trust
60 Whitfield Street
DX address
DX6630801 Tottenham Court Road 90W
Telephone number for enquiries & fax number
General inquiries: Tel: 020 344 78994
Clinical Advice: Tel: 020 344 78986 / 020 344 78975
Specimen Reception: Tel: 020 3447 8978
Specimen Reception: Fax 020 7679 0663
What do we do?

Advice on the diagnosis, treatment and containment of viral infections in patients is available at any time through the 24 hour consultant led clinical service. Outside laboratory working hours, the virologist on call can be air-called via the UCLH Switchboard.

Out of hours' service

Requests for the provision of laboratory tests outside normal working hours may be accommodated under certain circumstances. These should be arranged with the medical virologist on-call who may be air-called through the UCLH switchboard.

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